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Jungle Gold Behind The Scenes With Scott and George

Still struggling with debt, gold miners Scott and George are back in Ghana in search of new jungle-goldterritory to strike it rich. They've secured surprising new investors and despite having been robbed at gunpoint in their last stay in Ghana, they are placing everything on the line to try and find gold rich ground in a land they know holds gold. From

Jiggley Jones: Music That Paints A Picture

Singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones chats with Chattin In Manhattan hosts about his musical Jiggley Jonescareer, his dreams and his passion. Jiggley has a distinct voice and plays his song "Baby Blue". Join us for a fun chat with Jiggley Jones. [powerpress]

The Artist

“His sound is so huge, it seems like it is everywhere and is as much coming to him as from him. He

Nik Wallenda Balance The Line

Nik Wallenda: King of the High Wire

On June 15, 2012, high wire artist Nik Wallenda joined the ranks of legendary daredevils Nik-Wallenda-braved-wind-and-heavy-spray-to-make-the-1800-ft-550-m-walk-from-the-US-to-Canada-on-a-2-inch-61-mm-wirewhen he became the first person ever to walk across the roaring Niagara Falls on a two-inch steel wire. The historic event was broadcast live by ABC to an audience reaching 13.3 million Americans, garnering the highest rating for a

Keva Horry Glamorous Sacrifice

Keva Horry joins Chattin In Manhattan host Garth Sandiford to talk about her new book Glamorous Sacrifice Life in the Shadow of Championships. Former wife of seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry and founder of The Ashlyn Horry Foundation. Join us as she shares about her journey through life and the experiences with her daughter Ashlyn.