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Richard Moss Deep Work For Essential Change

To live life to the fullest you must have true deep seeded peace within yourself. Richard Moss has spent 35 years teaching people about deep work for essential change. He is a best-selling author, healer and an inspiration to those seeking to have peace and balance in their life. He believes that anything is possible and that we must embrace fear and

Zeke Tenhoff of Bearing Sea Gold

[powerpress] Zeke Tenhoff of the Discovery Channel show Bearing Sea Gold opens up about life and how Bering_Sea_Goldeverything had to fall apart in order to fall into place. He gives nuggets of information about the upcoming season of Bearing Sea Gold where he talks about the transformations that occur on set in his own personal life. Zeke is only 26 years old, in

Grahak Cunningham Running 43 Days Straight

"One of the world's most extraordinary athletes "   ~New Zealand Herald"The distances he runs are beyond the realms of even the toughest athletes"   ~Ultrafit Magazine"If anyone knows the meaning of endurance, it is Grahak Cunningham "   ~The West Australian 
Running for

Tom Powers Of Discovery Channel Show Bar Hunters

Tom Powers the dream maker and serial entrepreneur, hosts of the new Discovery Channel show Bar Hunters. His track record speaks for itself, Tom has been in the restaurant industry since the early 1990s, he has created success for himself and gone on to help other hopeful business men and women create their dreams.

Jungle Gold Behind The Scenes With Scott and George

Still struggling with debt, gold miners Scott and George are back in Ghana in search of new jungle-goldterritory to strike it rich. They've secured surprising new investors and despite having been robbed at gunpoint in their last stay in Ghana, they are placing everything on the line to try and find gold rich ground in a land they know holds gold. From