Meeli Koiva From Nothing to Something

World famous artist Meeli Koiva, who also uses artist name Mery Crystal Ra, is a glass 

and lighting artist and painter.

Meeli Koiva

Meeli Koiva

Meel Koiva has been examining the possibilities of combining glass and light to extraordinary pieces of artwork already over 25 years, thus being a pioneer in the area. She has created her highly innovative work of art in the Europe and in the USA for private residences and public buildings.

Her last years most famous innovative glass-light sculptures were created for European Parliament main building exhibition in Brussels, Belgium 2006 and Glaston Corporation headquarters in Finland, Tampere 2009.

On this show host Garth Sandiford enters into Meeli’s world to discover what inspires her to create her amazing works of Glass Art, uncover the challenges she has faced and what’s next for her.

Date / Time: Saturday April 28th, 2012 1:00 PM Eastern


Meeli Kõiva-Vällo is a glass and lighting artist whose work mainly consists of various light objects that vivify interiors in an original way with the combined effect of glass and light. An innovator who employs a range of materials, using graphics, color and light, Kõiva enjoys the process of drawing, painting and continuously developing her techniques in the field of lighting. Over the past ten years, Kõiva has been active and successful in Estonia and Finland, as well as the US. She has also recently started projects in Frankfurt and Brussels, although the main emphasis still lies on Seattle.

Deliberately ahead of her time, she experiments with things that, in a sense, have not been done yet, and this is exciting. The trend toward scientific innovation introduces a new layer of feeling that helps to develop her ideas.
In addition to being creatively fulfilling, these studies have a rational purpose.

Meeli Kõiva- Vällo has participated in exhibitions and conferences in Sweden, Finland, Belgium and the US.
She has designed monuments and illuminated sculptures for public buildings and for private houses in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium and the US:
Composition of quartz “”Tele-echo”” at the Tallinn TV Tower
Four stained glass windows “”Scratching Horizon”” in the Port of Tallinn management building
Stained glass compositions “”Direction”” I-V at Eesti Tööstuspank, Tallinn
Stained glass compositions “”Fiir””, Supreme Court of Estonia, Tartu
Watercolor series at the Estonian Consulate in New York, USA.
Stained glass, at Stockholm’s Brussels mission, Belgium
Stained glass, at glass companie Karhinen OY, Finland

Her most recent impressive monumental glass sculpture was from February 2006 — the glass and light installation “”Reactive River””, located at European Parliament in Brussels. Kõiva demonstrated a 15-meter long glass installation, in association with innovative light fluxion and an abstract video made by the artist, which supported the composition of glass and light. A musical composition was written by Margo Kõlar specially for the installation.

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