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Dr. Gary Chapman-The Five Love Languages

Make Any Relationship BETTER, by speaking the right language!

Join us tonight as we welcome world acclaimed relationship expert Dr. Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman Love Languages

The Five Love Languages

author of the best-selling book, The Five Love Languages.  Dr. Chapman will teach us how to have the greatest relationship with your mate all by using his unique strategy of speaking your partners love language.

We all speak a languages of love and when you know what yours is and your what your partners is your relationship will blossom into absolute harmony. Don’t miss your chance to learn how to get everything out of your relationships with our special guest Dr. Gary Chapman.

Tue, October 9, 2012 10:00PM

Jezra Kaye – Speak Like Yourself… No, Really!

Jezra Kaye, President of Speak Up for Success and an acclaimed New York City public

Jezra Kaye

coach and keynote speaker, talks about how you can master public speaking skills. Anyone who speaks in public, or wants to, will find this interview beneficial. Jezra will give you insight on how to develop your best speaking style and why you should Speak Like Yourself… No, Really!

In today’s tough job environment everyone needs an edge—and that’s what public speaking can give you. Whether you’re preparing for a job interview, seeking a promotion at work, or thinking about starting your own business, great communication skills are key. You have the keys to your own success and if you are willing to take the steps you can be more powerful and relaxed with yourself when you communicate with others.

Tue, October 2, 2012 10:00PM

David Octavio Gandell A Miracle Walking 2 Time Cancer Survivor

David Octavio Gandell

David Octavio Gandell will explain how cancer is not just an illness diagnosed by a doctor.

A two time cancer survivor that will show you cancer is in all of us and around us. An internal feeling or attitude can be as deadly as cancer. Other around you, outside influences can act as cancer in your life taking your life from you. Want to survive your cancer? Take David’s journey and be inspired by his testimony. A true miracle in today’s world he will make you feel like you’ve never felt in your life.

A young man that has used his gifts to establish a

David Gandell

stage to inspire, motivate, and make believers of many. Through motivational speaking, hosting, modeling, acting, and personal training, he has felt what love really means by living God’s Promise. A real life coach, believer and a true miracle he has lived through cancer twice, by surviving terminal cancer a total of 96 chemotherapy’s and a 12 hour surgery.

CIM Welcomes David Octavio Gandell as he will share his inspirational story of surviving cancer.

Charley Johnson Pay it Forward!

Charley Johnson Former Owner of a Manufacturing company has a deep passion for Pay it Forward.

Pay It Forward Bands

He left his company, career & millions behind to help the world and bring back simplicity in a complex world.

Head of the Global Pay it Forward Movement and President of the Pay it Forward Foundation, he’s the creator of the Pay it Forward Bracelet, a physical reminder to do good that has been sent to over 1.5 million people in 118 countries. Tonight we will talk with Charley about giving, paying it forward and how he feels humanity has benefited from his efforts.

Tue, September 18, 2012 10:00PM

Official Website of Gobal Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward


Heather Hansen O’Neill-From Fear to Fire

People often long for and hope to live up to their brilliance but give up on their desires and

Heather Hanson O’Neill

dreams.  They want to shine, but feel hopeless.  They want to create but remain stagnant.  Way too often, people don’t even think about a better lifestyle, or creating a life they love.

Is your career flickering or perhaps has been doused by the economy or your boss? Has the spark gone out in your relationship? Has the fun in your life extinguished?  Heather Hansen O’Neill will share the formula to empower each one of us to achieve our dreams.

Tue, September 4, 2012 10:00PM