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Todd Hoffman of Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush

GOLD RUSH: ALASKAIn the pursuit of a better life in a rough economy Todd Hoffman risked it all with a handful of men and headed north to Alaska to find gold. His story has been documented through Discovery channel’s show Gold Rush, but what this man has at the core of his being cannot be depicted by television alone.

His perseverance, ability to overcome obstacles and never give up attitude is truly remarkable. So join us as we go behind the scenes of Gold Rush and to the heart of how Todd Hoffman has managed to chase his dreams and win.

Tue, December 18, 2012 9:00 am

David Octavio Gandell A Miracle Walking 2 Time Cancer Survivor

David Octavio Gandell

David Octavio Gandell will explain how cancer is not just an illness diagnosed by a doctor.

A two time cancer survivor that will show you cancer is in all of us and around us. An internal feeling or attitude can be as deadly as cancer. Other around you, outside influences can act as cancer in your life taking your life from you. Want to survive your cancer? Take David’s journey and be inspired by his testimony. A true miracle in today’s world he will make you feel like you’ve never felt in your life.

A young man that has used his gifts to establish a

David Gandell

stage to inspire, motivate, and make believers of many. Through motivational speaking, hosting, modeling, acting, and personal training, he has felt what love really means by living God’s Promise. A real life coach, believer and a true miracle he has lived through cancer twice, by surviving terminal cancer a total of 96 chemotherapy’s and a 12 hour surgery.

CIM Welcomes David Octavio Gandell as he will share his inspirational story of surviving cancer.

Heather Hansen O’Neill-From Fear to Fire

People often long for and hope to live up to their brilliance but give up on their desires and

Heather Hanson O’Neill

dreams.  They want to shine, but feel hopeless.  They want to create but remain stagnant.  Way too often, people don’t even think about a better lifestyle, or creating a life they love.

Is your career flickering or perhaps has been doused by the economy or your boss? Has the spark gone out in your relationship? Has the fun in your life extinguished?  Heather Hansen O’Neill will share the formula to empower each one of us to achieve our dreams.

Tue, September 4, 2012 10:00PM

Bob Paff On Communicating To Win

Bob Paff’s message of inspiration, motivation and empowerment has reached a diverse list of prominent institutions such as Johns Hopkins University Hospital, PNC Bank and the Boy Scouts of America as well as sharing the stage with New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Dr. Ben Carson as the Master of Ceremonies and face of the Small Business Survival Summit in

Rudy Guilianiand & Bob Paff

Rudy Guilianiand & Bob Paff


His strategy of empowerment is unique in the industry and he is here to tonight to teach us how to communicate and win in every area of your life. Prepare to be empowered and get the job, life and love you want.


Tue, June 5, 2012 10:00PM

Dr John Demartini-Inspired Destiny

Inspired Destiny With Dr John Demartini

He speaks around the world 365 days a year and tonight for one hour we have Dr John

Inspired Destiny Book

Inspired Destiny Book

Demartini in our studio for a special interview that will blow your mind. He was one of the featured cast members in the wildly successful movie “The Secret”

He is rated as one of the most amazing speakers of the decade, was once homeless almost died and now is revered as one of the most intelligent, motivating, gracious humans in history.

We are excited to welcome Dr. John Demartini to the show to help motivate and inspire all of us to seek and get what we want out of life.


Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Author

Dr Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development.

His trademarked methodologies, the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination, are the culmination of 40 years of cross-disciplinary research and study. His work has been  incorporated into  human development industries across the world.

Dr Demartini travels 360 days a year to countries all over the globe,  sharing his research and findings in all markets and sectors. He is the author of 40 books published in 29 different languages. He has produced over 60 CDs and DVDs covering subjects such as development in relationships, wealth, education and business. Each program is designed to assist people to activate leadership and empower themselves in all seven areas of their lives: Financial, physical, mental, vocational, spiritual, family and social.