Kim Ward

Kim Ward

Kim’s mission is to help others discover their true and most powerful self.

My favorite quote is “Champions get up even when they can’t”

Kim Ward is a seeker. She has spent years seeking out and interviewing champions from all walks of life- thought leaders, business leaders, celebrities and every-day-folk-people hailed by others as hero’s and who usually just hold themselves as grateful survivors.

Survivors intrigue her. She has an insatiable passion to learn from them and share what they’ve discovered, first hand, with her listeners….enabling them to identify with the survivors experiences and to find their own inner strength so that if they choose to, they can all live the lives that they were born to live.

Kim has been hosting the Chattin in Manhattan show for over three years and has also written and produced a pilot for her dream television show. Her focus is to bring positive, real life stories that entertain and inspire to the largest audience possible.

Kim lives in Wisconsin with her two children and husband of 14 years. When she is not producing or hosting she can be found by her husbands side helping him run his remodel company or kids in tow on the way to sports events.

Kim’s Motto: Life is Good!!!

Contact me at: [email protected]