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Dr. Sudip Bose – Health Issues That Face Our Veterans

Sudip Bose is an attending emergency medicine physician, educator, entrepreneur, and combat veteran. He served as a physician on the front lines in Iraq for nearly 15 months and while serving he worked on Saddam Hussein shortly after his capture. Nowadays Dr. Bose spends most his time bringing awareness to health issues that face

Marala Scott – Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope

Marala Scott is a gifted speaker, author and one of the most inspirational women we have ever had the pleasure to interview. From a life filled with horror this woman has risen to defeat the odds, become a beacon of strength for others and along the way she has given back to those who can’t fight for themselves. Find out why Marala believes that forgiveness

Antarctic Odyssey With Gabriella

Chattin In Manhattan welcomes Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel for a chat with host Garth Sandiford. Gabriella has done something that few people have done, journey to Antarctica. Antarctic Odyssey A New Beginning She shares her experiences and what she learned from her Antarctic Odyssey. Tune in and listen to her amazing journey, one that will transform your life