Danish Canadian singer, songwriter and designer ÁLI joins hosts Garth Sandiford to talk

Ali 'Cocoon'

about her journey into a new world of discovery. A new style of music: is it Opera, Pop Electronic, Pop, Vikings or just a hot new song?

ÁLI talks about about her new release single ‘Cocoon’ which encapsulates her personal story of renewal, the result of a path filled with struggle, pain, risk and reward. Emerging from her ‘Cocoon’ ÁLI is now ready to share her own music. ÁLI is a warrior who is only now beginning her new journey.

New and old, pop and opera; everyone and everything is connected in the UniverseofÁLI.

Join us as we go behind the scenes with this new and rising artist ÁLI to discover what makes her tick and hear her new song ‘Cocoon’.

Music Video coming very soon….


Watch Cocoon

Watch Cocoon with Lyrics

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