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Mark Kendall Guitarist Of The Band Great White

Mark Kendall the guitarist of the band Great White opens up about his life of rock-and-roll,tvd_greatwhite_interview1 his ups and downs and how his life became complete when he surrendered it all over to God. From tragedy to triumph join us live as we this talented man shares his most important life lessons. Mark Kendall is the lead guitarist and a founding member

Marshall Dane Infectious Blend of Country and Rock

Join Kim Ward and Garth Sandiford as they welcome Marshall Dane the singer who is Marshall Daneturning heads with his talent, never give up attitude and larger than life dreams. Find out how he finds success in a career that has so much competition, find out what inspires him and how he manages to stay grounded as he flys high chasing his

Western Avenue’s A Band That Refuses To Give Up

Western Avenue is a band that refuses to give up. Their song Highway says it all about theWestern Avenue promoedit small kind of dream seekers they are and what the future holds for them. This young band is making waves and is bound for stardom, get the back stage pass into their life and career on Chattin in Manhattan. Learn their

Doug Briney the Super Country Music Cowboy

Doug Briney the Super Country Cowboy is blazing a path in the music industry. He putsDoug Briney faith first, followed by family and music bringing up the rear. He is a role model for those looking to have success in music as well as in life. Doug moved his family from their home in Alaska for 20 some years to the

Jiggley Jones: Music That Paints A Picture

Singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones chats with Chattin In Manhattan hosts about his musical Jiggley Jonescareer, his dreams and his passion. Jiggley has a distinct voice and plays his song "Baby Blue". Join us for a fun chat with Jiggley Jones. [powerpress]

The Artist

“His sound is so huge, it seems like it is everywhere and is as much coming to him as from him. He