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Steven Callahan Lost At Sea

Steven Callahan is an American author, naval architect, inventor, and Steven Callahan Shipwreck3sailor most notable for having survived for 76 days adrift on the Atlantic Ocean in a life raft. Join us as we go back to the moment it all happened to find out how almost losing his life, changed his life. Steven is a true inspiration of human will to

Warren MacDonald I shouldn’t be ALIVE

Warren MacDonald is an Australian environmentalist, explorer, mountain climber, motivational

Warren Mcdonald

speaker, and writer. In April 1997 Warren MacDonald was climbing on Hinchinbrook Island, Northern Australia when a giant one ton boulder fell on his legs.

For two days he laid crushed fighting for his life and struggling for his will to live. But that is just the start of this amazing man’s story. Stay tuned as we go behind the accident and reveal how one man found life after tragedy.


Cody Lundin be Prepared for any Kind of Disaster

codyhellDo you have what it takes to survive fear, panic, and the biggest outdoor killers? What about when disasters strikes? Mother Nature is a powerful predator and if you do not watch your back she can creep up on you and send you to an early grave.

Kim Ward and Garth Sandiford had the chance to sit down and tap into the mind of one of the world’s leading survival experts, Cody Lundin. He is an author of two survival books, has a survival school, a show on

codys school

Aboriginal Living Skills School

Discovery Channel and has over twenty years’ experience in survival.

He has walked the earth barefoot and lives for the belief that the more you know the less you need, Cody is ready for disaster, but are you? Listen to our special interview and learn what it takes to survive any situation. This is one show you cannot afford to miss.

You can learn more about Cody here

Chattin In Manhattan! Empowering You For a Successful Life!

You have seen him on his current Discovery Channel TV Show, Survival isn’t about being

physically fit, it’s about being smart. Cody also has a survival school where he teaches people what it takes to survive in the wilderness or in the event of a disaster.


Pamela Bitterman – Lost at Sea

Tonight we welcome author of the book “Sailing to the Far Horizon” Pamela Sailing into the far horizonBitterman. Her story of survival lost at sea is a testament to human will and she is sure to inspire you to the core.

Pamela Bitterman recounts her story of her beloved ship and what happened in the middle of a dark night that changed everything. She talks about what it was like to be lost at sea for 7 days with no food in damaged life rafts surrounded by sharks and her experience with her sea mates, up until the unexplained miraculous rescue by a Russian fishing ship that was off course.

Date / Time: 5/15/2012 10:00 PM Eastern

The Miracle Man – Eric LeMarque

eric3Feb 6th 2004 engulfed in a blizzard, hunted down by a pack of wolves, and with only three pieces of gum, Eric survived for eight days in the wild with no gear. Frost bite, starvation and wolves were set to take his life. But Eric had other plans; he found the will more