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Mark Kendall Guitarist Of The Band Great White

Mark Kendall the guitarist of the band Great White opens up about his life of rock-and-roll,tvd_greatwhite_interview1 his ups and downs and how his life became complete when he surrendered it all over to God. From tragedy to triumph join us live as we this talented man shares his most important life lessons. Mark Kendall is the lead guitarist and a founding member

Jiggley Jones: Music That Paints A Picture

Singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones chats with Chattin In Manhattan hosts about his musical Jiggley Jonescareer, his dreams and his passion. Jiggley has a distinct voice and plays his song "Baby Blue". Join us for a fun chat with Jiggley Jones. [powerpress]

The Artist

“His sound is so huge, it seems like it is everywhere and is as much coming to him as from him. He


Danish Canadian singer, songwriter and designer ÁLI joins hosts Garth Sandiford to talk Ali 'Cocoon' about her journey into a new world of discovery. A new style of music: is it Opera, Pop Electronic, Pop, Vikings or just a hot new song? ÁLI talks about about her new release single ‘Cocoon’ which encapsulates her personal story of renewal, the