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Chris Jacobs On Everest Jump Live 2014

In a few weeks Chris Jacobs will be coming to the world live from base camp on Mt. Everest along with Kyle Martino. They will be documenting Joby Ogwyn flight into the abyss as he attempts a jump off the summit of Mt. Everest wearing only his wing suit. But before he treks to the end of the earth Chris stops by CIM to talk about risk, adventure, doing what

Erik Weihenmayer – Blind Faith To Mount Everest

Despite losing his vision at the age of 13, has become one of the most accomplished EW-Summit-sm-1024x682adventurers in the world. Re-defining what it means to be blind, Erik has opened the minds of people around the world. He is the only blind person who has reached the summit of Mount Everest and the tallest peak on each continent. Today, Erik continues

Gary Guller – Climbing Any Mountain

Tonight on CIM we welcome Gary Guller.

Prepare to be inspired and throw any excuse you have for not getting what you want out of

Gary Guller Mount Everest

Gary Guller Mount Everest

your life. For one hour we will tap into this motivational man’s mind to learn how he over comes any obstacle with ease.

He has Climbed Mount Everest with only one arm, and he is just getting started!


Date / Time: 4/24/2012 10:00 PM Eastern