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CIM Chats With Casts of RODS N’ WHEELS Show

Billy Jr. and Shane from the Discovery Channel show RODS N' WHEELS stop by the 02-rods-n-wheels-622x447Chattin in Manhattan Show. These two guys are more than just gear talk, they are living the dream, inspiring others and learning life lessons from their Father’s that they want to share with others. Billy Jr. and Shane opened up about life on camera, working with family

Tom Powers Of Discovery Channel Show Bar Hunters

Tom Powers the dream maker and serial entrepreneur, hosts of the new Discovery Channel show Bar Hunters. His track record speaks for itself, Tom has been in the restaurant industry since the early 1990s, he has created success for himself and gone on to help other hopeful business men and women create their dreams.

Jungle Gold Behind The Scenes With Scott and George

Still struggling with debt, gold miners Scott and George are back in Ghana in search of new jungle-goldterritory to strike it rich. They've secured surprising new investors and despite having been robbed at gunpoint in their last stay in Ghana, they are placing everything on the line to try and find gold rich ground in a land they know holds gold. From