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Inspired Art with Artist Leslie Ann Butler

LeslieAnn ButlerLeslie Ann Butler, an abstract artist from Portland Oregon, joins Garth Sandiford host of Chattin In Manhattan to share her inspired work and what it means to follow your passion and live your life from a place of divine guidance.

Leslie Ann shares her inner most thoughts around her work and what inspires and motivates her. As one observer put it: “This painting could heal the sick and raise the dead!” her work has been commissioned by such notables as former US president George & Barbara Bush and the late Michael Jackson.

Chattin in Manhattan is honored to capture the inspired thoughts and words of Leslie Anne in this intimate interview, if you are new to art or are a up and coming artist, hearing what Leslie Ann has to say will inspire and motivate you to be your very best.

View Leslie Ann’s Artwork Featured on CIM

Artist Leslie Ann Butler

 Leslie Ann Butler With bold color and a suggestion of motion, my work asks the viewer to seek the light. Constrained by the physical, we are trapped by walls of dreams and delusion and unable to see reality, which is unending joy. We choose to be defined by our seeming limitations instead of emerging into the realization that we are powerful beings with infinite consciousness. I strive to bring to light the reality that lives deep within, beyond what one can see with outer sight. The creative process does not end with the physicality of the painting, but is continued and enhanced through the eyes of each beholder into the creation of thoughts and emotions it brings out in them; this magic dance of connection is proof that we are not separate.

I work with acrylic paint, paper, gold and silver leaf, charcoal and pastels. In many paintings I have added a paint- obscured slide which symbolizes the veil that covers our true vision. I paint squares and rectangles which can be either windows that open to the light or boxes that shut it out. www.leslieannbutler.com

  Distant Music Fire_Fountain Fulminations Good Fortune Imagine Litmus Madness Magic Many_Suns Night_Song Shift Sky_of_Peaks Spring Ice The Ruby Window The Veil The_Shallows Time_Lost  Ascending