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Failures are Lessons!

Not willing to let life kick him in his teeth he set out to find his own path in life at the age of 21. With extreme purpose and intent he went out to find work in all kinds of industries, but failed to ever find enough passion to keep him at one job to long. After jumping from job to job, accumulating extreme debt, and having no success he

The Battle

Born into a family with little money he spent the early part of his childhood working the family farm and helping with his dad’s tannery business. He was a shy boy and awkward around people and often found his sanctuary around animals. It has even been said he had a special ability to relate to them. Wanting more for their son his parents were somehow able to get him in the

The Will To Live

He was about to embark on the journey of a lifetime to the bottom of the earth. To a place where only the absolute strongest could survive. A place shrouded in darkness and mystery, a place that could kill the average man in less than 24 hours. He was trekking to the Antarctic and the question is would he survive? For three hellish months this man would be confronted with starvation, dehydration,

Stand For What You Believe In

He was only twelve when arrested and sent to Jamesburg State Home for Boys after he attacked a man with a Boy Scout knife.  Although he claimed it was in self-defense his punishment was to serve six years. But before he served his full term he escaped and joined the army. While in the army he took to the sport of boxing and went on to win two European championships. With

Trust Your Instincts

While cleaning her boat to store it for the winter, Carol lost her leverage and flew over the side landing on the hard driveway below. The pain she felt was almost immediate and she knew something major was wrong. She could not even move and she knew she was in real trouble. She laid there helpless on the dead-end road that she lived on, with no help in sight. Her only

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