Chris Jacobs On Everest Jump Live 2014

In a few weeks Chris Jacobs will be coming to the world live from base camp on Mt. Everest along with Kyle Martino. They will be documenting Joby Ogwyn flight into the abyss as he attempts a jump off the summit of Mt. Everest wearing only his wing suit. But before he treks to the end of the earth Chris stops by CIM to talk about risk, adventure, doing what you love and his upcoming correspondence, Everest Jump Live to us by Discovery Channel.

Kyle Martino and Chris Jacobs will give LIVE on-the-ground updates from Everest. Kyle/Chris leave next week to begin the climb up Mt. Everest. It takes 6 weeks alone just to acclimate!

everest-jump-live-joby-ogwyn-jump-team-discoveryThe world is about to witness one of the greatest human feats ever captured on television – when California resident Joby Ogwyn attempts the first wing suit flight off the summit of Mount Everest.

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Visit Offical Discovery Channel Site For More Info Everest Jump Live

Live Jump Takes Place Sun May 11 9et/6pt Weather Permitting

Most of us will never get to Everest Base Camp in our lifetime, but if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like…Discovery Channel’s got you covered. The cable network announced Friday it will be broadcasting a segment of late-night, live programs titled Everest: Live From Base Camp, beginning Monday, May 5, at 11 p.m. ET (weather permitting, of course — this is Everest.)

The five nights of programming, hosted by NBC Sports’ Kyle Martino and Chris Jacobs, will lead up to the 2-hour epic Everest Jump Livewhere California native Joby Ogwyn will attempt to jump off the top of the iconic mountain. The special will air on Discovery in 224 countries and territories and will allow viewers to go behind the scenes of what may be the one of the most challenging live broadcasts ever. (Your move, David Blaine.) Martino and Jacobs will check in with Joby nightly, providing viewers with updates, while a host of guests, including medics, Sherpa guides, and additional climbers will be interviewed.

“These nightly live programs will give viewers a chance to see what it’s like to actually be at Everest Base Camp — not just for Joby, but for all those who contribute to Everest’s unique culture,” Eileen O’Neill, Group President, Discovery, Science, and Velocity Networks, said in a statement. “We’re incredibly excited to show viewers from around the globe what it’s like to be there – and to get a closer look at something that has never before been done.”

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