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Kimi Werner Of Pacific Warriors

Kimi Werner joins the Chattin In Manhattan Show to talk about her upcoming Discovery kimi-wernerChannel Series Premier Show Pacific Warriors with host Garth Sandiford, on the show she also reveals why she swims to sharks and much more. When it comes to a life in the water, Kimi lives and breathes it. But unlike other fishermen, Kimi uses her kayak as a

Gold Rush Executive Producer Christo Doyle

Christo Doyle shares what it takes to have a hit show for six seasons on Discovery Channel? Christo Doyle joins us to talk about the premiere of the sixth season of Gold Rush and so much more. Get behind the scenes information on what to expect this season and find out why Christo would pick Freddy to partner up with if he ever was lost in the Klondike. Christo is one

Treasure Quest with Mehgan Heaney-Grier

Mehgan Heaney-Grier is one of the stars of the new Discovery Channel show Treasure Quest:Snake Island, and this beauty is going to leave you breathless in more ways than one. She is a hall of fame deep sea diver, adventurer and former model. Mehgan is bold and daring and she has dove 165 feet in a single breath and now she

Alex Honnold Of Discovery Show Valley Uprising

Alex Honnold is a rock climber who defying gravity with his daring solo climbs. Using no safety gear or line he is able to scale mountains and conquer what most could never do. Join us as we get inside his head and find out how he is living his dream and conquering the fear. Valley Uprising kicks off Discovery’s

Christo Doyle Executive Producer for Discovery Channel

Executive producer of Gold Rush on Discovery Channel steps into the spot light to talk about how he has achieved the dream life. As a successful producer of several shows, a father and an industry leader, Christo talks about the people who he admires, the reason why he loves to chase action and the inspiration behind his hit television shows. more