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Inspired Author Kyla Sims

Kyla Sims3 Kyla Sims  is a dreamer who sets high goals for her life. She has a passion for poetry, lyrics and academics. Kyla (ky'la) Sims is a 17 year old self published author of a children's book titled, Duck's First Day of School from Dearborn, Michigan. She is also a high school senior who is taking part in college courses within a

Garth Sandiford

A passion of Garth Sandiford has always been meeting and talking to people from all walks of life. He has always been curious as to what makes one person more successful than another. Most of his time was spent studying various concepts of human behavior – which has led him to believe that we already have everything that we need to be successful in life. Garth’s passion for empowerment Coaching and

Kim Ward

My favorite quote is “Champions get up even when they can’t” Kim Ward is a seeker. She has spent  years seeking out and interviewing champions from all walks of life- thought leaders, business leaders, celebrities and every-day-folk-people hailed by others as hero’s and who usually just hold themselves as grateful survivors. Survivors intrigue her.  She has an insatiable passion to learn from them and share what they've discovered, first hand, with her