Antarctic Odyssey With Gabriella

Chattin In Manhattan welcomes Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel for a chat with host Garth Sandiford. Gabriella has done something that few people have done, journey to Antarctica.

Antarctic Odyssey A New Beginning

She shares her experiences and what she learned from her Antarctic Odyssey.

Tune in and listen to her amazing journey, one that will transform your life in the process.

Gabriella was born in Italy, studied English, French, German and Arabic at the University of Turin, her home city; she specialized in


interpreting and tourism. She has travelled around Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Challenging her strength and capabilities has always been a trait of her character, but this time her mission was going to the next level to be able to inspire and help others to do the same.

A full immersion in the astonishing scenery of the Antarctic continent, ice climbing, kayaking, camping on ice overnight, exploring the Antarctic Peninsula has pushed her to a different level in the inner world of human potential where the impossible bends to determination and vision.

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