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Tonight on CIM we welcome the ever inspirational Jeremy McGhee

Jeremy McGhee

In 2001 his world was turned upside down when a motorcycle accident left him without the use of his legs. But for this man, a man who loves to live life on the edge, one accident was not about to slow him down.

Jeremy wasted no time dwelling on what he lost and instead he focused on what he had gained. He started a foundation to help others and went on living life to the fullest.

Tonight we will talk with Jeremy about guts, determination, never being held back and what it takes to overcome anything in your life.

Join us and an invite a friend to listen to this inspirational one hour special with adrenal junkie Jeremy McGhee.

Date / Time: 11/22/2011 10:00 PM Eastern

When I look back on my life, the years have wisped by like the last bit of green light of the sun as it slips over the horizon…the ever so famous Green Flash.  If you look away even for an instant or blink an eye, you will miss it.  People claim they see it while others mock pessimistically that it is make believe.  I am one of those that have seen it.

In the same way, my life seems to have been but a glimpse and I do not doubt for a second that tomorrow…and the ensuing years…will pass quickly just the same.  Assuming we make it there, tomorrow will come and go swiftly so I am going to make damn sure that I enjoy this playground of ours TODAY!

In September of 2001, while riding my motorcycle, a white car quickly swept in front of me.  I remember my face smashing into its side.  Inertia buckled my bones and sent me skidding along the pavement.  My limp body grotesquely grated to a stop broken and maimed.  As I lay powerless in the street, cold crept up my arms as massive amounts of my crimson life-giving fluid flowed onto the warm summer asphalt.  There, in the street, Death held a calm conversation with me.  I knew I was dying.

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