Kevin Richardson: The Lion Whisperer

If you are looking to be thrilled, amazed and inspired than tune in as we welcome “The Lion Whisperer” Kevin Richardson to CIM. This man from the outskirts of South Africa has spent his life taming the King of the Savannah, the Lion.Listen in as we go behind the scenes of his big cat sanctuary and find out how he has fused the gap between human and animal.

We will talk about his documentaries, his life living with lions and how he lives life with no fear.

Tue, February 19, 2013 10:00 pm
The Lion Whisperer

A short video showing Kevin Richardson and some of his animals on the feature film ‘White Lion-Home is a Journey’

Kevin Richardson on CNN – CNN interviews Kevin Richardson on his Lions

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  1. Miina

    What an extraordinary and inspirational man! Great interview also, thanks for sharing. I hope people will hear this and take action to save our big cats (and all other endangered animals).


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