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Tonight on CIM we are honored to welcome Author Jill Kelly wife of hall of fame

Jill Kelly Without A Word Book

Author Jill Kelly Without A Word Book

quarterback Jim Kelly and founder of Hunters Hope. Tune in for this inspiring, heartwarming story of how one boy has helped so many people. Everyone has something special to bring to this world and tonight we will talk about why.

Life is full of opportunity even of you can’t see it.

Date / Time: 3/13/2012 10:00 PM Eastern

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A seasoned writer, Jill Kelly has authored four books and served as a featured columnist for a

Jill and Jim Kelly with Hunter

Jill and Jim Kelly with Hunter

Western New York Christian news publication. Her first book, Messages of Hope, is an anthology of the articles she penned for the newspaper. Like pieces of her heart, every sentence was written from a place where God was willing to reveal Himself to her as she struggled to care for her dying son.

Jill writes with a tenderness and candor that has served her and her readers well in laying her soul bare on the page. Through deeply personal journal entries, she has written, Prayers for Those Who Grieve and Prayers of Hope for the Brokenhearted, sharing her most intimate struggles through the loss of her son, Hunter, and the many painful experiences that followed along her path of healing.

Her unique journey through life has been forever memorialized in Without a Word, How a Boy’s Unspoken Love Changed Everything, a memoir of hope and healing that shares the story of her son, Hunter’s, incredible impact on their family. The deeply human narrative chronicles the dramatic way God rescued the Kelly family and revealed Himself through the suffering of their son, turning their hearts to the suffering of His Son ─ and ultimately restoring their love.

“Oddly, I have been writing for years…in my journals.  Never did I ever think that God would allow my writings to touch people in the way they have,” Jill recalls. “I’m humbled and grateful though I will never fully comprehend why God chooses to use broken vessels, like me, to reveal His heart.”

“I’m passionate about the Word of God and can’t live without it,” she continues. “Truly, the more I hide it in my heart the more it fills the words I speak and put on paper.  The written word is a powerful tool; yet without His love and grace in every line and letter, what is penned can’t possibly change a heart or life.  My words are meaningless without the story of who God is woven throughout.  Ultimately, it’s what’s left unsaid that has the deeper, everlasting impact.”

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